Microorganisms for fermenting dead plant into humus and compose

100% Organic 100% Non-Toxic 100%User Friendly

Liquid Form / Package: 1 liter




  • Contains selected group of microorganism specifically for dead plant fermentation
  • Effectively ferments rice straw, roots, and weed seeds in paddy field in to compose fertilizer (about 4 tons of compose per acre)
  • Can be used in the process of producing humus and compose fertilizer
  • Is environmental friendly


  • Must not be used with any kind of chemical
  • Must use with natural water such as rain water (in case of tap water, let tap water stand for 1 day before use)


Usage with EMBOOSTER: To ferment Rice Straw, Roots, and Weed Seeds in 7 days


  • Reduces CO 2 from burning paddy field and Methane gas from decomposing dead plants
  • Makes about 4 tons compose fertilizer per acre within paddy field in 7 days
  • Stops weeds life circle
  • Increases CEC for soil and improves soil structure
  • Loosens soil allowing higher O 2 percentage in soil which leads to better root growth
  • Decreases overall costs and increases productivity


  • Cultivate rice straws and roots (rice plants must be humus)
  • Fill paddy field with water about 20 centimeters
  • Mix 4 liters of MO1 and 400 cc. of EMBOOSTER with 200-300 liters of water per acre
  • Spray evenly over the paddy field (late evening is the best time.)
  • Maintain water level for 7 days
  • After 7 days, rice straw, roots, and weed seeds will become compose fertilizer
  • In case of several weed damage, cultivate again on the 5 th day and let it stand for another 5 days

Usage with EMBOOSTER: To ferment humus an compose fertilizer in 2-6 weeks


  • Reduces fermentation time to 2-6 weeks depending on the raw material such as fresh vegetable, rice straw, and sugarcane tree
  • Increases amount of microorganism in compose fertilizer


  • Mix 1 1.5 tons of raw materials in the regular proportion evenly
  • Stack raw materials into 1 meter height and 1 meter wide
  • Mix 1 liter of MO1 and 100 cc. of EMBOOSTER with 100 liters of water
  • Spray evenly over the stack of raw materials
  • Cover it to keep moisture inside
  • Mix the raw material every 3-5 days before removing the cover
  • Let it stand 2 more days before use
  • If not use immediately, pack into bags to store