Pre-mix animals and livestock food product

100% Natural 100% Non-Toxic 100% User Friendly

Powder Form / Package: 10 kilograms




  • Chemical free and non-toxic to human and animals (Pass LD 50 Test)
  • Vastly increases growth rate, size, and weight
  • Enhances overall digestive system (animals and livestock consume and digest more food and absorb more nutrients)
  • Induces the production of more digestive juice in animals and livestock
  • Helps animals and livestock grow faster, healthier, and gain more weight
  • Minimizes the usage of vaccine because animals and livestock are healthier and have stronger immune system
  • Improves defecation of animals and livestock when NuMix is mixed with drinking water (10-15 grams per water liter)
  • Reduces food, vaccination, and operational costs significantly
  • Can be used with on all species of animals and livestock


Natural Ingredients

  • Spraycoated Organosilicon 12.64%
  • Inert Ingredient 87.36%



  • Mix animal feed with NuMix (2-5% of the animalís food weight)
  • In case of marine animals, apply food binder to the feed, add in NuMix, and let it stand for 25 minutes before feeding


Additional Information

In general, most of the animals and livestock such as fish, shrimp, chicken, and pig defecate about 40-50% of consumed nutrients and food. When food is mixed with NuMix, the animals and livestock will be able to digest more complete and defecate about 20%. As a result, the animals and livestock will grow faster and healthier with increased size and weight.