BUGSAWAY Formula 1

Controlling Insect Populations

100% Natural 100% Non-Toxic 100%User Friendly

Liquid Form / Package: 1 liter



  • Controls population of Rice Thrips and Order Diptera effectively
  • Stops insect from mating because BUGSAWAY F1 contains herb smell that confuses the receptors of mature male insects causing them unable to find mature female insects for mating
  • Prevents insects from building immune system against BUGSAWAY F1 because its not chemical which is absorbed into insects digesting system
  • Contains silicon compound which strengthens plants in general to help prevent and resist plant diseases better
  • Can be used with any kind of plants
  • For Phenacoccus, Aphids, Scale Insect, and Mites, use BUGSAWAY F2 to effectively eliminate and prevent


Natural Ingredients (Extracts of Herb base plants)

  • Hinga
  • Natural Silicon Compound (Si)
  • EDTA Amine Compound
  • Other herbs Piper Nigrum, Zingiber Officinate, Syzglum Aromaticum, and Ferula Assaface
  • Other Nutrients Calcium (Ca) and Copper (Cu)



  • Mix 20 cc. of BUGSAWAY F1 with 20 liters of water
  • Spray on leaves, trunks, stems, and root area every 3-7 days
  • Mix current pest control product with BUGSAWAY F1 3-4 times before using BUSAWAY F1 alone (to prevent the worms in becoming bugs)
  • Recommendation: use BUGSAWAY F1 and F2 together for more complete insect control